MinMap SM headerThe Challenge…
   God intends His children to be faithful and fruitful in proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – that’s why He left us on this planet! And just as we need to periodically evaluate our personal lives, a church family needs to periodically evaluate it’s “ministry life”…  ‘Ministry Mapping’!

   Our church recently went through the ‘Ministry Mapping’ evaluation process, and the report was given to us in March. For the past month the leaders of the church have prayerfully and carefully considered the report and it’s ‘prescriptions’. The elders decided to accept the report and it’s recommendations and also decided to seek the affirmation of the church family before proceeding. The meeting to review and discuss the report and prescriptions was held Sunday April 26 after 11:00 worship, and following the discussion the vote was to affirm the elders decision and move forward with the Ministry Mapping prescriptions.
   The first of our prescriptions was to adopt a new ministry motto – something that would help us focus clearly on our true mission and help spur us to action. Our new ministry motto is…
“Making and Growing More Disciples of Jesus”
It’s all about obeying Jesus’ own marching orders – go and make disciples! (Matt 28:19-20)
As you go – wherever you go – whatever you do – make disciples. Share His story – share what Jesus has done for you.
Use your spiritual gifts to love and serve people and your Christian family – look for ways to touch people with Jesus’ love!
   The Full Report of our Ministry Mapping process (strengths, challenges, and ‘prescriptions’) was given on Monday evening March 23 by Dr. Mike Huber (our MM team leader). That full report is available in either digital or paper formats (pdf and/or print-out), and we also have an audio recording available of the entire Monday evening session (2 cd’s).  If you’re part of our church family you can request your Ministry Mapping Report materials HERE.  (that’s a link: to request your materials, click the link!)
   We are very excited about how God answered our prayers as we went through the Ministry mapping process – and now we look forward to the future He has laid out before us! Let’s ‘Do Better Together’ – for His glory!!