AWANA(Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed)

Wednesday Evenings 6:45-8:15 … come join the fun!!
Awana is for children age 3 – grade 6 – and it’s a super-fun time!! Scripture memory and Bible teaching are the focus of Awana – hiding God’s Word in your heart and learning to obey it! God’s Word Changes Hearts, so in every age group Scripture memory is given high importance!

‘Cubbies’ is for the youngest children and the staff focus on simple truths of the Christian faith… God is our creator & He loves us all.

‘Sparkies’ is for the K-2nd grade children and the staff team emphasize the message of salvation through faith in Jesus. A number of children place their trust in Jesus every year, and lives are eternally changed!

‘T and T’ (Truth and Training) is for the 3rd-6th students and the staff  focus on learning to apply faith in Jesus to everyday life. Scripture memory is emphasized along with learning how those Bible verses apply to everyday life! ‘Council Time’ brings together music, special speakers, videos, and other ways to reinforce the Bible verses being learned.

Want to know more about Awana OR find a way to help?? Contact Travis Schauda by sending him an email…(click his name), or call 870-3170.