What is ‘Discipleship’, anyway?

     Discipleship means ‘growing up in Jesus‘. ‘Growing up’ is the natural order of life – and that applies to our spiritual lives as well! ‘Normal Christianity’ includes helping one another ‘grow up’ and learning to live in ways that honor God. A key part of ‘growing up’ is learning about “Spiritual Gifts‘ – what they are and how they help us in our Christian life.
     According to the Bible, every believer is given at least one ‘spiritual gift’, which is a special ability to serve in the power of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 12). The purpose of Spiritual gifts is to help believers be useful and productive in ‘spiritual acts of service’ (Ephesians 2:10), and you can start to learn about your spiritual gifts by clicking this link… 


     This 20 minute survey is a simple online tool to help you identify and understand  what your spiritual gifts might be, what each spiritual gift is, and how each spiritual gift is most useful in ministry settings. To get the most accurate and complete results, please read and follow the instructions. When done you’ll be able to print a 4-5 page report that will help you understand your unique blend of gifts and suggestions regarding where and how you might use those gifts in service.    (** Pastor John will be notified when you complete your survey so he and other church leaders can encourage you! For people in the “Divine Design” Sunday School class, the teacher James Clang will also be given access to your results so he can encourage you as well.)
     Once you’ve looked over your report, we hope you’ll ask God to help you develop and use your Spiritual gift! One way to find a place to get involved in ministry is to look around the website – almost every ministry area you’ll find could use help! Greeters, nursery, Awana, Sunday School, Youth, Mens & Women’s ministries, Worship, … any ministry leader would love to help you find out more and get plugged in to ‘try it out’ for a couple of months! A full list of Ministry Leaders is right here.
     Learning to be authentic worshipers, digging deep into God’s Word in groups large and small, stepping up to meet physical needs, sharing a word of encouragement, learning to live in an attitude of prayer, learning to trust God and thank Him for whatever comes our way…  this is discipleship!