What is ‘Discipleship’, anyway?

     Discipleship means ‘growing up in Jesus‘. Growing up is normal in both our physical and spiritual lives! Normal Christianity includes helping one another grow up and learn to live in ways that honor God. Growing to be a disciple (follower) of Christ includes several key parts:
  1. gathering regularly in a large group for worship & teaching (Sunday)
  2. learning to feed yourself from God’s Word, the Bible (daily)
  3. being part of a small group for personal encouragement (regularly)
  4. learning basics of Christianity if a new believer/attender
a) BBC Welcome Dinner & Classes (starting soon)
b) BBC Ten Pillars of Faith (doctrine)
c) Spiritual Gifts class
Learning to be authentic worshipers, digging deep into God’s Word in groups large and small, stepping up to meet physical needs, sharing a word of encouragement, learning to live in an attitude of prayer, learning to trust God and thank Him for whatever comes our way…  this is discipleship!
                                                                                              (updated 9.19.18)