Showers Of Blessings!!
Weddings and new Babies are great reasons to have a party (shower)!! Showers are in the church gym unless otherwise noted, and Debbie Fisher is the ‘Go-To’ person if you have questions or know of anyone missing from this list. If you have information for Debbie or you’d like to help with any of these showers, you can call her at 308-628-4201 or you can send her an email HERE.
Please – watch the bulletin and this list for details on these showers as more information is available.
AND … RSVP is appreciated for each event! Thank You!
Baby Showers … please RSVP to Debbie Fisher: 308-628-4201 or Email
    Courtney Kusek … March 4 (Sat)  2pm    (watch here for more info…!)
    Hannah Jones … April 29 (Sat)  2pm    (more details later!)
Wedding Showers … please RSVP to Debbie Fisher: 308-628-4201  or Email
     Michaela Jenkins … March 18 (Sat)  2pm    (details coming soon)