Tanya Woodward, (hometown Broken Bow), is a teacher at KICS (Kigali International Community School) in Kigali, Rwanda . Our church has supported Tanya through several exciting teaching adventures, and we are glad to be able to share a bit about her life and ministry with you!
Tanya has been raising funds to get a car (and get off the motorbike) and the videos below are a snapshot of her journey towards auto-ownership in Kigali!
    Raising funds – ‘Four Wheels Good’
    Goal reached!!‘T and V’s First Saturday’ 
Tanya has a blog page (an online journal), and you can check it out here: Indigo Batik. You can even ‘subscribe’ to get all her ‘posts’ (stories, pictures, videos, etc.) in your email, and you can support her online right from her blog page too. Go on – check it out!! Just click the link already (the blue type…)!