‘Men of Courage’

God’s dream for all Christian men is to ‘be mature in Christ’… strong, courageous, resolute, loving, fair, firm, responsible,… men who stand up for Jesus! God has high standards for those called by His name – ‘Christ-ones’, and God has given us a very clear definition of Christian manhood:Knight with sword mall 120x_999d38c9c4dc4efc86bdfed7cedc2a48

    A man is an adult male  (Lev 27:3),  who accepts his masculinity  (1 Cor 16:13),  speaks and acts

    with maturity  (1 Cor 13:11),  embraces responsibility  (Gen 1:26; 2:15),  functions independently 

    (Gen 2:24; Matt 12:46-50), can lead a family faithfully  (Gen 2:24; 1 Tim 3:4-5),  and recognizes

    his accountability  (Ecc 12:13-14),  as an image-bearer of God  (Gen 1:26; 1 Cor 11:7-9).

                                                                                                        (‘The Resolution for Men’, p 67)
One day we will draw our last breath and our opportunity to be ‘Men of Courage’ will be over.  We have NOW – TODAY – to learn, grow, stand, study, pray, work, serve, and become the men God intends!  We were in God’s mind when He created this earth – NOW is the time to help one another become true ‘Men of Courage‘!
Our goal as ‘Men of Courage’ is to provide opportunities for men to engage God in everyday life. As we learn to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, we bring strength to one another so we can fulfill our God-given roles! Nobody does ‘Godly Manhood’ perfectly, so we need to be encouraged, challenged, and held accountable to honor God every moment of every day!
“SOAR – Learning to say yes to the power of the Holy Spirit  is our study in the Wed AM Men’s Bible study starting June 14!  We meet at 6am in the kitchen, enjoy a light breakfast together, and do our study together. ‘Risk’ is a video based study from Kenny Luck, the Men’s Pastor at Saddleback Church (7,000 men in small groups!).  This study is open to all men – just come! (click his name to find out more about Kenny Luck and  his dynamic ministry to men!)

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