Please fill out the form below and press SEND to request your Ministry Mapping Report materials. The available materials are:
  • Digital Report: a pdf file of the PowerPoint that Dr. Mike Huber used as he made his report
  • Paper Report: a printed copy of the PowerPoint that Dr. Mike used as he presented his report.
  • Audio Report: a set of 2 cd’s which contain the audio of Dr. Mikes report. These cd’s will play on any CD player or computer.
If you request a Digital Report, it will be sent to the email you provide as an attachment in pdf form. If you request a Paper Report and/or the Audio Report (2 CD’s), please indicate in the message body below whether you want to pick them up at church or if we should mail them to you… (please provide your mailing address also).  Thanks!

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Ministry Mapping Report materials

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