Missionary Of The Month!
   “I am the way, the truth, and the Life” … Jesus 
December 2018 …                         Dougg & LeAnn Custer

In Matthew 9:38, Jesus tells us to pray earnestly to the Lord that He would send out more workers because of the hopeless state of the world…

    Dougg was born in Bellevue, NE but moved all over with his military parents and gave his life to the Lord in Hawaii as a high school senior. LeAnn, a Custer County native who graduated from Anselmo-Merna high school, became a Christ follower her freshman year at the University of Nebraska, where she and Dougg met.
      Marrying after their sophomore years, they moved to Hawaii for Bible school and nursing studies followed by seminary in Oregon. In 1979 they joined WorldVenture as church planters to Austria where they had the privilege of helping start and train Austrian leadership for two churches. In addition, they supervised WorldVenture
personnel in Europe and the Middle East until 2014 when Dougg assumed the mobilization ministry position. Their wonderful family includes Katrina teaching in Germany; Andi and Jennifer with two grandchildren pastoring in Minnesota; and Scott and Fiona pastoring in Hawaii with four granddaughters.
    As the Vice President of Mobilization Ministries, Dougg is leading WorldVenture’s effort to find and send the next generation of these harvest workers. This mainly involves: providing vision for and supervising his team as well as strategizing with them how best to mobilize harvest workers; ensuring that WorldVenture is earnestly praying for more harvest workers; overseeing the marketing and recruiting strategies through the application process, appointment and training of new missionaries. In addition, he gets to spend time in churches, on campuses and at conferences challenging pastors and churches with the need for “eternity changers” i.e. global workers.
    LeAnn is a volunteer member of the Mobilization Ministries team, accompanying Dougg in his travels as well as handling his administrative and financial accounting tasks. She also invests her talents in a variety of other areas in WorldVenture.
Website:   read more on the WorldVenture website
Email:    Dougg … dcuster@worldventure.org          LeAnn … lcuster@worldventure.org
Mailing Address:    5250 Sevenoaks Drive        Colorado Springs, CO 80919
BBC has been helping send people all over the world to tell others about Jesus for years – and their stories are important! This page will feature a different missionary each month and our hope is that their stories will encourage and challenge you to remember to pray for them and remember that when you give to support BBC you are already involved in supporting them!
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