Missionary Of The Month!
   “I am the way, the truth, and the Life” … Jesus 
Eternity arrives for someone on this planet every second of every day – and it’s either a sad day or a glad day.
Jesus makes the difference…
   BBC has been sending people all over the world to tell others about Jesus for years – and we’re going to share their stories! This page will feature a different missionary each month and our hope is that their stories will encourage and challenge you to remember to pray for them and remember that when you give to support BBC you are already involved in supporting them!
October 2018 … Jahn Landrigan
   Jahn began serving with the Navigators at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2017. He has been working closely with freshman men, leading Bible studies and meeting for one-on-one time in the Word. Please pray for his ministry and the students God has led him to!
Email:   jahn.landrigan@navigators.org     (click the address to email Jahn)
Mailing Address:    621 N 24th St        Lincoln  NE  68503
Mission Address:     
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