Wed Eve Ministries will resume this fall!

Sr High… check out MYR below!!!
ReFresh @ 6:45City Campus above kitchen
SonLife @ 7:30SonLife Center @ 1620 N B

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JR High: 7-8 grade       

Sunday School meets at 9:55am in Room 107 at the Main Campus.

ReFresh  is the Wed. evening gathering for 7-8 graders during the school year. They meet at 6:45 in the room above the kitchen for games, Bible study, music, special events – all led by a committed staff and all to help young teens build a Biblical foundation for life.  Ryan & Marilyn Coleman lead ReFresh … e-mail them HERE. 
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Sr High: 9-12 grade        

Sunday School is on break for summer and will begin again when school starts this fall. 9:55-10:35 at the Sonlife Center 1620 N B St.

SonLife  is the Wed. evening gathering for 9-12 graders during the school year. (on break for summer…) They meet at 1620 N B St. and enjoy music, games, hard-hitting Bible teaching, and the tough-loving attention of dedicated adult sponsors. God has touched and changed young lives through His Word and dedicated SonLife staff for many years! Watch for more info!
      SonLife Music!  (check it out – some great Christian music!)
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Sr High MYR July 19-21… Merritt Youth Retreat
MYR is an awesome weekend of water sports, great food, sweet music and Bible teaching, water sports, new friends, and water sports. $35 for the WHOLE weekend…
(prob the best $35 you’ll spend this summer!!)
More info at the
link above!!

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