Member-partners: Committing to growing and serving with us!
   We believe the Bible is clear that all believers are part of the ‘universal church’ – all believers around the world. We also believe the Bible clearly teaches that all believers are to be committed in partnership with a local group (church) for growth and service. While we do not require that someone be a member/partner in order to be involved in our fellowship or ministries, we do believe that membership/partnership is an important & visible sign of commitment…
  •    to be faithful in attending, supporting, and being actively involved in this church family
  •    to obey Biblical teaching regarding following and supporting the leadership team of this church family
  •    to learn about Spiritual Gifts and then learn to use my gifts in this church family
  •    to encourage and help fellow believers to grow in their spiritual and personal lives
  •    to be held accountable for personal Spiritual growth and involvement in serving (exercising my gifts)
  •    to graciously accept Biblical correction and restoration when necessary
   There are many facets to growing in Christ – and membership/partnership is vital to healthy obedient growth! If you consider this church to be ‘your church home’, we hope you’ll give serious prayerful consideration to becoming a member/partner! Click the links below to find out more about ‘linking arms’ with us as a member/partner!
     What We Believe & Teach    (our biblical beliefs and values)
     Application & Covenant     (pdf file – open & print from a new window)         
     Our Church Constitution   (pdf file – opens in a new window)