Adult Sunday School…
   Our adult Sunday School classes provide an informal setting for Bible study, discussion, prayer, and fellowship. Classes meet Sunday mornings from 9:55 to 10:35 am on Sunday mornings, and they meet at the same time as our Children and Youth Sunday School classes so parents can enjoy a class without worrying about the kids!
   In the spring of 2019, there are 3 classes available:
 – David Vickers, Room 106, Gospel of John
 – Roger Safranek, “Bible Walk Through”, Worship Center
 – “12 Women of the Bible”, Room 105
 – ‘Money Life’ starts April 14… 8 sessions taught by James Clang.
      (watch the Promo Video here on Youtube)
   Several Small Groups meet in homes throughout the week – see the latest bulletin for up-to-date information. Visit the Bulletin page Here.

We invite you to make adult Sunday School a part of your spiritual growth journey – the teachers & leaders are dedicated to helping encourage and foster YOUR spiritual growth!

            updated 3.29.19