Our adult Sunday School classes provide an informal setting for Bible study, discussion, prayer, and fellowship. Classes meet Sunday mornings from 9:55 to 10:35 am on Sunday mornings, and they meet at the same time as our Children and Youth Sunday School classes so parents can enjoy a class without worrying about the kids!
 2020 Sunday School Schedule:
 – Gospel of John taught by Darrel Sybrant in the Worship Center
 – Room 106 October 6th-December 15th -Church Doctrine with Travis Wood
 – Room 106 January 5th-March 8th -Evangelism Training with Daniel Vincent (Tactics by Greg Koukl)
 – Room 106 March 15th-May 31st -Bible Walk-through with Roger Safranek
 – Room 106 August 2nd-October 4th -Spiritual Gifts with Tim Moran (Convergence by Jon Thompson)
 – Room 106 October 11th-December 13th -Finance with Travis Hansen
January 2021 will begin with a rotation of these five classes in Room 106.