Sunday Morning Worship
 > Early Worship … 8:30-9:45am
 > Sunday School … 9:55-10:35am
 > Late Worship … 10:45-noon
Healthy spiritual growth requires large group, small group, and personal time with God on a regular basis. Our Sunday morning schedule offers both large and small meetings designed to help us all develop better personal times with God outside the church building!
Our large gatherings are the same both times – worship with a blend of new and classic music styles, worship through prayer and giving of offerings, and worship by listening well to clear teaching from God’s Word the Bible. Our Sunday School small groups offer a perfect setting for interaction and growth for all ages! Several small groups also meet throughout the week.
Sunday worship is to help people connect with God in meaningful ways. We want worship to be inspirational for believers, and we hope guests will sense God’s love as we worship together. We invite you to be our guest sometime and feel the Love of God for yourself! Who knows… you might even decide you want to be part of this church family!


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