Showers Of
Weddings and new Babies are great reasons to have a party (shower)!! Showers are in the West Campus Cafe area unless otherwise noted, and Melody Doss is the ‘point person’ for shower information. If you have questions, know of anyone missing from this list, have information for the team, or you’d like to help with any of these showers, you can use this email form to share your information.
Please – watch the bulletin and this list for details on these showers as more information is available.
AND … RSVP is appreciated for each event! (use the email form above) Thank You!
Baby Showers … 
Wedding Showers … 
Not getting emails about showers? We either don’t have your correct email or you’ve ‘opted out’ from getting BBC email . Contact the office if you’d like to get emails about church events and updates! 
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