Trusting in Jesus for forgiveness and salvation is the beginning of a great adventure! Great adventures must start well – and we’d like to offer a few suggestions as you start your new adventure with Jesus. And remember – let us know if you feel stuck or need some help or encouragement – we’ll do everything we can to help you get started well!
1)  Tell someone about your decision – like, right now! Maybe you have a specific person in mind that you’d like to tell (a local
pastor or friend,) but we’d love to hear from you too! Just click RIGHT HERE to open an email form and let us know!
2)  Get your own Bible so you can read every day! The Bible is God’s Word and it has the answers you are looking for about how
to honor and please God as you learn to live your new life. We suggest an ESV Bible (English Standard Version) – it is easy to read and well translated from the original languages. You can find ESV Bibles at many Christian bookstores, or you can order one from online retailers. A good place to start is (Christian Book Distributors) – just click the link to see their selection of ESV Bibles.
3)  Find a good church near you that teaches the Bible regularly – and start attending! Depending on where you live this could
be a challenge because many churches no longer believe the Bible is truly God’s Word or have turned away from what the Bible says on ‘hot topics’ (human sexuality, sanctity of life, etc). Be careful as you search for a church to attend – you want a church that really teaches God’s Truth and not a ‘society-friendly’ version of how to be a ‘nice person’.
You could do an internet search for ‘Bible Churches’ and see what comes up near you. Check websites and look for pages titled ‘What We believe’ or ‘Statement of Faith’ or similar. You can open and print our ‘What We Believe‘ page and use it to compare if you like. We are a member of the ‘Berean Fellowship of Churches‘, and you can find other BFC churches at their website – we think any of them would be a good church to attend!
Finding a good Bible-teaching church is a critical part of starting to walk with Jesus because a good church that believes in
God’s Word and teaches it regularly will be able to offer real encouragement when life gets hard – and it will! Everyone
deals with the troubles of life, and a church family that loves God’s Word and loves you will be a great help as you learn to
walk with Jesus in the good and bad times of life.