“Online Giving … generosity anytime, anywhere!”

Online Giving means you can support God’s work at BBC anytime from anywhere!  It’s a simple process, and you can give as a ‘guest’ or you can create a ‘giver account’ to save your settings and create automatic monthly giving. You can use a credit card, debit card, or direct-debit (must have bank routing and account numbers … setting up a free ‘giver account’ saves this data for your next online gift).  A small fee is assessed for each online gift: you can choose to add the fee to your gift amount so the church receives your entire intended gift or the fee will be deducted from your gift amount.  Scroll down for more info…

I’m IN … Here’s My Online Gift!

  • Your gift can be via credit card, debit card, or through direct debit from your chosen bank account (ACH).
  • A small service fee accompanies every gift.  Your gift will be reduced by the amount of the fees unless you add the fee to your gift amountIf you intend the church to receive your entire gift amount, then watch for and check the box to include the fees to your gift. This will result in a larger overall deduction (gift + fees).
  • Your gift can be designated to one of our specific funds (‘campaign’ in Mogiv terms):  General Fund, Building, Grace, or Missions. Simply make your choice from the drop-down box.
  • You can give one-time gifts (guest or giver account) or you can set-up gifts that recur automatically each month (giver account required).