Helpful Articles …. Short reads for encouragement along the way!  Remember … Let God’s Word filter everything… Acts 17:11. Think critically … respond gracefully!


**MUST READS!!** ….. Every parent and grand-parent should read these postings (articles)!
**Playing The Game Like A Child”     Pastor Jason Sanders   (great article about learning to win and lose well!)
** “Would That Be Okay?”     Pastor Jason Sanders  (link is to his website blog post… comments get a bit ‘owly’ – just read the post!)

** “Childhood Killers”      Pastor Jason Sanders    (be a good ‘Berean’ as you read … let SCRIPTURE be your ‘filter’!  Acts 17:11)


5 Things to Remember When Searching for a Church Home     Jessica Bufkin …

Mother’s Day and Mixed Emotions     April Motl  …

5 Hard Truths About Parenting     Daniel Darling …

Ten Things Nobody Tells You About being a Dad     Daniel Darling …

Let Your Kids Fail     Chip Ingram … Focus On The Family

Parenting Adult Children     Pat Morley … Man In The Mirror

Parents, Sports, and Church       James Emery White  …  Pastor

Slaying The Dragon – Part 1     Kenny Luck …  Every Man Ministries

Slaying The Dragon – Part 2     Kenny Luck …  Every Man Ministries