Missionary Of The Month!
   “I am the way, the truth, and the Life” … Jesus
October 2019 …                                          Todd & Vanessa Avera
     We are Todd and Vanessa Avera, and we have three children: Charisa (19), Noelle (16) and Justus (14).  For the past  4 years we have been serving in Chiangmai, Thailand.  Two of our children are with us and attend a school for missionary children called Grace International School.  Vanessa serves there as art teacher for K-7 students.  She has about 240 students and has daily opportunities to minister to children whose parents serve as missionaries in many Southeast Asian countries, and some of her students come from Buddhist families.

    For the last seven years Todd has been focused on Bible translation projects for a Muslim people group of 15-million people whom have yet to have the Bible translated into their mother tongue.  He also coaches and trains evangelists and church planters who are reaching out to Muslims in Asia.

Prayer requests:
   1. For Todd and Ibrahim to make fruitful progress translating the scriptures for his people group.
   2. For Vanessa to minister well to the 240 missionary children she teaches on a daily basis.
How to give:
   Please contact the church office for information about supporting the Avera family.
Mailing Address:   Todd Avera
                             178/462 World Club Land, Moo 7
                             T. Nong Kwai, A. Hang Dong
                             Chaingmai, Thailand  50230
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