Missionary Of The Month!
   “I am the way, the truth, and the Life” … Jesus
August 2019 …                                                Jahn Landrigan
   August is an exciting month for The Navigators college ministry, as thousands of students arrive on campus. Thinking back to my freshman year of college, I had many questions. “Who will my friends be? How much will God play a part in my life? Can I have an impact on others around me?”
   During my first few years of college, God worked deeply in my life through my Navigators small-group Bible study, rich time in his word and prayer, and personal discipling by intentional Navigator staff. I decided that following Jesus was worth it, and that I can actively obey him to “Go make disciples.”
   This is what we aim to do in The Navigators ministry at UNL. Our desire is to raise up life-long laborers in God’s harvest who will take the gospel everywhere. Please pray that we would be bold to present the gospel to the lost, help them know Christ personally, and equip them to repeat this same process with others.

   If you would like to know more about how God is working, contact me at 308-870-5262 or jahn.landrigan@navigators.org. Thanks!

Website:    www.navigators.org
BBC has been helping send people all over the world to tell others about Jesus for years – and their stories are important! This page will feature a different missionary each month and our hope is that their stories will encourage and challenge you to remember to pray for them and remember that when you give to support BBC you are already involved in supporting them!
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