God made us to worship! We believe Godly worship is a 24/7 lifestyle of obedience to God and His Word, and we want to help one another learn to live as worshipers!    We believe worship is far more than music, even though music is an exciting expression of our  worship to God – and we want to do music well! When we walk in a spirit of worship every day, our ‘together’ worship takes on a whole new dynamic! When we sing together, make a ‘joyful noise’, and humbly honor God with the reverence, adoration, and exuberance His holiness deserves, we fulfill God’s design for us – that we are made to worship!

   We will worship in eternity – what a joy to practice together here on earth! We pray our ‘together’ worship encourages personal worship!
   YOU could help with our Worship ministry! While musicians sing and play, the tech team runs the computer, sound system, projector, records the sermons, and blends the live radio feed! God has blessed us with a great team – but we can always use more help!
Find out more about serving on the worship team HERE
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