Wed Eve Ministries will resume this fall!

ReFresh @ 6:45City Campus above kitchen
SonLife @ 7:30SonLife Center @ 1620 N B

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JR High: 7-8 grade       

Sunday School meets at 9:55am in Room 107 at the Main Campus.

ReFresh  is the Wed. evening gathering for 7-8 graders during the school year. They meet at 6:45 in the room above the kitchen for games, Bible study, music, special events – all led by a committed staff and all to help young teens build a Biblical foundation for life.  Ryan & Marilyn Coleman lead ReFresh … e-mail them HERE. 
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Sr High: 9-12 grade        

Sunday School is on break for summer and will begin again when school starts this fall. 9:55-10:35 at the Sonlife Center 1620 N B St.

SonLife  is the Wed. evening gathering for 9-12 graders during the school year. (on break for summer…) They meet at 1620 N B St. and enjoy music, games, hard-hitting Bible teaching, and the tough-loving attention of dedicated adult sponsors. Matt & Jenny Ritchie are leading SonLife for 2019-2020! It’s going to be a great year!!     Email Matt & Jenny…
      SonLife Music!  (check it out – some great Christian music!)
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                                                                                                        Updated 08/02/19